This is the magical vitamin C corrector used by Emilia Clarke

The Vitamin C is a micronutrient with multiple properties for skin care. Among other things, this vitamin is essential for the production of collagen by the body; which is a substance that facilitates proper wound healing, in addition to providing elasticity to the skin, bones, tendons and muscles.

The positive effects of vitamin C on the skin are numerous. It acts as an antioxidant and protects cells against ‘free radicals’; acts as a protector against skin contamination; helps reduce inflammation; protects the skin against damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays; reinforces the barrier function of the skin to keep it soft against the aging process; produces the reduction of uneven pigmentation of the skin and prevents the appearance of acne.

Therefore, today we find a large number of cosmetics intended for the skin with significant doses of vitamin C among its components. In recent years it has become the star micronutrient as a benefit for skin health.

One of the Products that use the most vitamin C among its ingredients are makeup concealers. A concealer, for those who do not know it, is used for many uses within cosmetics, such as concealing dark circles, hiding small scars, acne, blemishes or the first expression lines that begin to appear due to aging.

Emilia Clarke, ‘Mother of Dragons’, offers the key

Emilia Clarke is one of the most acclaimed actresses of the moment. At 34, a Londoner already has gone down in history for his great performance in the famous series ‘Game of Thrones’, where she embodied the skin (pun intended) of Daenerys Targaryen, known as the ‘Mother of Dragons’.

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

The young actress has recently introduced us to her new cosmetic ally, which acts as a corrector and promotes good skin care. «I am an expert in dark circles, and this concealer erases them. Now they are there and then they are not, it’s like magic “, says the brilliant Emilia Clarke in an amused tone.

This novel concealer it’s one of Emilia Clarke’s secrets so that your skin looks like a girl. It is a highly recommended product, since it has a texture similar to that of a gel and is free of oils.

One of the advantages of this ‘Clinique’ concealer is that it comes with a dual-use antibacterial sponge that allows you to reach any area of ​​the face without complications. Thus, this innovative and effective product works as follows: At first, we apply the concealer with the wand to the area to be treated, while we use the sponge with gentle impacts so that the skin adequately absorbs the properties of the concealer. One of the tips offered by Emilia Clarke To remove the concealer is to make soap and water to clean, before resorting to alcohol or other brush cleaners.

The secret is vitamin C

But, what is the key to this useful concealer for the skin? Undoubtedly its composition, based largely on vitamin C, caffeine and hyaluronic acid. We have already verified the importance of vitamin C in the dermis, hence the effectiveness of this ‘magical’ product.

It is worth highlighting one of the main qualities of this concealer: When you use more, the less you need it, as it offers long-lasting benefits to the skin. Its application during a prolonged treatment will cause incredible effects on our skin, obviously reducing the bag under the eyes and limiting the visibility of dark circles.

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This is the magical vitamin C corrector used by Emilia Clarke