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The Spanish media echoed the reappearance of the former Shakira, Gerard Piqué very far from his native country. A photograph of the player went viral while in a luxurious party in which he was caught with a mysterious blonde woman.

Each detail of the life of the member of the azulgrana team continues to be of interest to millions of fans who knew of the breakup of the famous couple, after a statement that confirmed that the love between the athlete and the singer had finished.

And in the midst of the scandal, the FC Barcelona defender continues to be the center of gossip by not being discreet in his appearances, and always being accompanied by a female.

Gerard Piqué’s photo goes viral with a blonde girl

Not a week had passed since the “Mamarazzis” had revealed that the player was seen on the Catalan coast with his new girlfriend “CC” inside his carwhen he reappeared in another country attending an invitation as the owner of his company Kosmos.

Piqué arrived in Stockholm to attend the “Brillian Minds”, an international conference that brought together important personalities from the world of politics, economy, sport and entertainment. But he did not do it alone, he was accompanied by a mysterious blonde woman who was by his side all night.

Celebrities like Edward Norton, Emma Watson, Alicia Keys and Naomi Campbell were at the event, but it was the player who drew everyone’s attention amid speculation about the breakup with the Colombian singer.

The businesswoman Katrin Zytomierska appears as the culprit of the image that went viral on the networks. The influencer starred in a small impasse with Gerard after he refused to give her a photo for his son.

In the snapshot, Piqué is seen dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt with which he covered his head and at his side was a blonde woman of unknown identity, with whom he was sharing drinks and talking.

the portal of The newspaperreported that the Swedish woman had a disagreement that was not pleasant at all, and thus recorded in the message that she uploaded to Twitter and gave him away.

“I asked if I could say hello to my son and he said no. I asked him again surprised and he answered me again no. He wasn’t rude, but he was cocky. I guess being such an important soccer player… but I didn’t know him until then. Then I took the photo to make the post on my Instagram”, she told the journalists Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa.

Katrin Zytomierska’s revenge was total by describing Piqué as arrogant, at the request he made, and for this reason he decided to take the photo and hang it, causing it to go viral.

“Listen to me, loser, Gerard Piqué. Surely many girls at this party wanted sex with you, and I saw you and immediately thought of my son. I was clear with you, I asked you to greet my son. You told me not. Who are you? A guy who dribbles with the ball? ”, He wrote in the tweet angry at the rudeness of the famous athlete, information that he later deleted.

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This is the mysterious blonde with whom Gerard Piqué reappeared at a luxurious party full of celebrities and influencers in Stockholm | People | Entertainment

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