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With the arrival of the Puerto Rican salsa singer, Marc Anthony, and our compatriot, the vice queen of Miss Universe, Nadia Ferreira, the transportation in which they arrived to Guarani land cannot be ignored. The aircraft is one of the best in the world, according to Douglas Cubilla, Director of Airports of the National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics.

Marco Antonio Muniz Riverabetter known as Mark AnthonyPuerto Rican singer-songwriter, arrived in Paraguay last Thursday in the company of his fiancée, Nadia Ferreraour compatriot who is vice queen of beauty of miss Universe.

Both traveled on the aircraft owned by the salsa singer. A plane Gulf Stream 550 American made. “It is the dream of every entrepreneur or artist. He is one of the best in the world.” Douglas Cubilla, director of airports of the DINAC.

Many hours of autonomy

In conversation with the program ABC TV Journalists Tableexplained how this intercontinental plane can fly 14 hours without refueling. In addition, due to the power of its engines, it can reach higher speeds than those of an airliner, making the route Miami-Asuncion in just 7 hours and a half.

Another important detail is that luxury is left to the choice of each aircraft owner, being able to choose the color tone of the interior of the aircraft, in addition to the furniture, types and number of seats that one wants.

Cubilla said that the plane can have up to 20 passengers. However, you can also opt for 10 or 8 crew members, since it is extremely comfortable.

It costs around US$40 million

Douglas recounted that gulfstream g550 It costs approximately between US$ 35 and 40 million, atIn addition to an approximate operating cost of $15,000 per hour.

Doing numbers, this trip will have cost approximately $105,000, which includes the service of overflight, landing, etc. Another additional cost is parking at the airport, which is paid per day.

In that sense, he said that this Saturday both the singer and our compatriot would already be traveling back, although he clarified that nothing is confirmed until the flight plan is presented.

Procedures in this class of flights are normal

The director of airports explained that this type of flight is considered “non-regular”. In that sense, he reported that the dispatcher gives notice some time in advance and presents the flight plan, with the list of passengers and all the sworn statements that they have to make. This initiates the flight process of the plane to depart from the starting point. He added that normally all costs are paid in advance.

Upon landing, Customs officials check the interior of the plane. For their part, passengers go to the airport terminal, where they do all the usual procedures with Customs Migrations. Later they return to the capsules, which are the vehicles, and there they leave the airport.

These procedures are carried out personally, considering that the Migration registry is by photograph, that is, each one has to do it personally, he concluded. Douglas Cubilla.

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This is the plane in which Marc and Nadia arrived in Paraguay – Nationals – ABC Color

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