This was the pleasant meeting between Adamari López and Águeda López, the wife of Luis Fonsi

After his mediatic divorce, Adamari Lopez Y Luis Fonsi they resumed the course of their lives and both formed beautiful families with their respective partners. In fact, despite everything that has been said about their relationship, both interpreters have shown that they have left that chapter of their lives behind, so now, despite not having a relationship, when they have come to coincide for labor issues, both have been very mature, showing respect and cordiality that exists between them. That is why the meeting between Ada and Agueda Lopezwife of Luis Fonsi, during the recent delivery of the Latin American Music Awardsan occasion in which both presenters did not miss the opportunity to greet each other and show their admiration for each other.


This was revealed by the hosts of the program hot table, who witnessed the cordial meeting between Adamari and Águeda López behind the scenes, being delighted by the friendly attitude with which both faced this meeting. “Suddenly I see Águeda López and Adamari comes in… I said: ‘A tense moment, a tense moment!’ What do you think they did? They said hi!”, said the presenter veronica bastos to her companions.

Giselle Blondetanother of the presenters of hot table, delved into the subject and even revealed that the greeting that Adamari and Águeda shared was very affectionate. “I loved seeing Adamari, she went to Águeda, greeted her and they kissed”, he shared. While Myrka Dellanos celebrated that between them there is nothing but good vibes. “As it should be, that’s how it’s done.”

And it is that despite the fact that the relationship between Luis Fonsi and Águeda López began several years after their separation from Adamari, the truth is that both artists have shared the details of their relationship and subsequent separation publicly, which could have been uncomfortable for their surroundings, but, apparently, the maturity with which each party has assumed this whole situation has led them to be cordial and to see each other with a certain affection every time they meet face to face.

How did you deal with the issue of your divorce?

Although several years have passed since Adamari and Luis Fonsi went their separate ways, the breakup was a very difficult circumstance for the actress, who on more than one occasion has been very transparent when talking about how she faced this difficult episode. “When I got divorced, there came a time when I said: ‘I can’t do it alone and there are things I don’t want to tell the people I love’, because it didn’t seem like something I wanted them to know and so I had to find that professional help that came in handy and that allowed me to overcome that moment. I think that if I hadn’t gone to therapy it would have been much more difficult for me, “she said in an interview for the program Night of light.

The truth is that for Adamari, the separation from Fonsi was an opportunity to assume the change with the most positive attitude, which also allowed him to heal personally. “One has to let go and leave that grudge, that pain, that I have experienced, and even more knowing that the person who was involved may not have done anything with the feeling or the bad desire to hurt me, but by keeping it so much, maybe he didn’t let me see things clearly… There are things that happen, that the other person doesn’t want either and that you don’t have to force, then he lets go and opens his arms for all those new and wonderful things that one can receive from life…”, he said at another time in a talk with Maria Celeste Arraras for your channel Youtube.


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This was the pleasant meeting between Adamari López and Águeda López, the wife of Luis Fonsi

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