This was the stormy love story of Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado

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This Thursday June 30 Fernando del Solar He died after a tough battle with cancer. Hodgkin’s lymphoma was detected in 2012, when he was still married to ingrid coronadoIt was there that began a controversial separation.

It seems that the illness of the Argentine presenter would trigger a crisis in the couple that after a while would end their marriage with the former Garibaldi, just three years after being married and two children in common: Luciano and Paolo.

Let us remember that after the announcement of their separation began one of the most controversial separations in the middle of the show because Social network users began to speculate that the presenter had preferred to separate from Fernando and leave him alone in his fight against cancer..

Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado had a fleeting marriage

In 2002 Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado hosted the program “sexes at war” and from there a strong six-year friendship arose, to later become a romance, in the midst of controversybecause the Argentine driver was still committed to the presenter Yvette Hernandez and it was learned that The former Garibaldi was expecting her first child.

In 2008 they decided to give each other a chance as a couple and three years later they got married. Their love story was short-lived, as the couple ended their relationship in 2015.

Ingrid Coronado spoke about the reasons for her separation from Fernando del Solar

After years of rumors and remarks by fans of “Venga la Alegría” in which they pointed out that Ingrid Coronado had left the former driver in the midst of his illnessboth denied the version and commented that it was Fernando del Solar who gave way to the breakup.

“He asked me (for a divorce),” said Ingrid Coronado in an interview for “Crooked Stories”.

It was then that Coronado commented in the talk with Monica Garza in 2016 that it was problems with his ex’s family that caused conflicts in their relationship and not the health situation that the Argentine was going through.

It is not easy to carry an illness, but that was not the problem, there were other external factors that made the relationship between him and me complicated and it began to be more exhausting, each more difficult“, said.

He would also have revealed that the driver’s parents were part of his marital problems: “On the one hand, I did not have a good relationship with his family, the feeling is that he did not like that I was his son’s partner”.

Fernando del Solar detailed his separation from Ingrid Coronado

On the other hand, Fernando del Solar also broke the silence and spoke in 2019 of the reason why he decided to ask Coronado for a divorce, where he said that, despite the accusations, the driver “yes support and yes it was” in the process part. She mentioned that in the middle of treatment they lost their way.

It was not easy to live with me, but it was not easy to live with someone who is living with a sick person… It was a reality that as I was, I was useless, I was not even used to pity… I made the decision to leave to live in my house in Cuernavaca”, he told the program ‘Venga la alegría’ in May 2019.

The family crisis they faced as a result of his illness and how he filed for divorce.

“The situation is horrible for both parties. And I think that each one did what he could with the tools that he had at hand and for me it was important to close a circle and I asked my lawyers to start the divorce process and in a few months we were already divorced”, he explained.

Fernando del Solar rebuilt his life with yoga instructor Ana Ferro

After almost seven years of ending his marriage to Ingrid Coronado, Fernando del Solar married Anna Ferro in March. The driver gave himself a second chance at love with the Italian-Mexican yoga coach whom he met in 2016.

“Finally, after proposing to her… I married this hottie, Anna Ferro. It was March 22 and he gave me the ‘Yes’ … we succeeded, “the Argentine driver wrote in a post that he shared on Instagram.

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This was the stormy love story of Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado

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