Tini Stoessel’s mother broke the silence after the romance between her daughter and Rodrigo De Paul was confirmed

Tini Stoessel and her mom

The confirmation of the romance between Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul, after he separated from Camilia Homes, continues to speak. Now, it was the singer’s familymore precisely his mother, who used his social networks to refer to the subject.

It all started after Kary G, the photographer who captured the brand-new couple red-handed, declared that the ex-player of the National Team sent him an audio telling him how the breakup and separation were going through. “(Camila) She hopes that De Paul gets tired of this roll or hobby, and returns to her family since he has left her with two little ones alone,” said the paparazzi on Miter Live.

Although he did not give further details, he said that he was contacted from the family of the former Violetta. Alerted by the photographer’s sayings, Mariana Muzlera, mother of the singer and actress, broke the silence through her Twitter account. “Look Kari G, we don’t know who you are. Kari G clown”he wrote alongside emojis of laughter and clowns.

Mariana Stoessel
Mariana Stoessel

Last week, after photos he took of De Paul and Stoessel in Ibiza confirming their romance were made public, the photographer spoke to Teleshow: “I got the photos because the stars aligned. I I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find them, and I had to do other characters.”

“There were very few people in the restaurant and I couldn’t get my professional equipment out to take the photos”, regretted that in order to have the exclusive, he had to take the images with his cell phone, five meters from the table where Tini and De Paul were with a friend. She was there for two hours, waiting for the couple to leave. She speculated that they would do it alone and that there would also be some romantic gesture. And it happened. Around 7:00 p.m., the player and the singer left the restaurant holding hands, and then they hugged to walk down a catwalk.

“I had no plans to sell or publish them. I just wanted proof that they were together and then make a nice report with the professional camera. But between the place and their friends, it was impossible, “said the Spaniard and clarified the reason why he does not want to show his face or reveal his real name:”Not that I hid anyway. They don’t know who I am.”.

After that photo, he tried to take more. Even that same night they told him about the restaurant that friends had recommended to the new couple and he was there waiting for them from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. but they never arrived and the next day, he continued touring the beaches in search of the couple.

In the midst of the scandal, a few days ago Tini reappeared on her social networks but did not allude to her new partner, but instead showed a preview of her new song “Triple T”. With my cat we went out of friction. We did not arrive before twelve. I know that we look bad. But deep down you know me….”, says Tini in the cut of the video, wearing a fuchsia outfit. Then, the singer shared part of the photo production that she took during the recording of the clip, in which she could be seen displaying her most sensual side. It should be noted that Stoessel is preparing to appear at the Hippodrome of Palermo on May 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28, dates for which the shows suspended due to his father’s health problem were rescheduled.


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Tini Stoessel’s mother broke the silence after the romance between her daughter and Rodrigo De Paul was confirmed

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