To the cry of “Viva México”, Belinda interprets a Mexican song with feeling

Belinda brings out his Mexican roots in a program from Spain in which, among other moments, he performs a cappella one of the songs that has become an anthem: “The king“.

The singer Belinda He had a very special detail towards Mexico, showing that he carries it in his heart in one of his visits to the program “The resistance“, where in the end he performed the iconic theme that has gone around the world representing the Aztec country with the lyrics of “El Rey”.

The lyrics of the unforgettable Guanajuato composer, José Alfredo Jiménez, which has been heard all over the world, shone once again in the voice of the pop singerwho has also worn the typical mariachi costume in the midst of some presentations in Mexico.

A pleasant interview that led to endless positive comments from users culminated with a very special detail from the “naturalized mexican“, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, who sang it a cappella leaving everyone present impressed.

The “originally from Madrid“Born on August 15, 1989, she is in Spain promoting her new series, “Welcome to Eden” which is scheduled to premiere on May 6, 2022.

In addition to other projects such as a second season of this fiction, among other plans, which include the release of an album, are some of the reasons why the “songwriter” he explained the move to his place of origin.

However, the recent visit of the remembered child star of “Sidekicks to the rescue“In the Spanish program, “La Resistencia” together with the host, David Broncano, became a sample of the “Mexican roots” that the “model” carries in her being after living in the country since she was very young.

A fun chat in which “Beli” He developed like a fish in water and interacted with a lot of chemistry with the presenter with whom he performed various dynamics that included even electric shocks to which both were subjected.

The video that also circulates on YouTube received several applause from platform users who highlighted some of the gestures on the part of Belinda who, in addition to coming out in defense of Mexicans, showed a part of her music, while still entertaining the people that is here.

In some of the comments of the netizens, mostly positive opinions are read in which they reiterate, Belinda has been their best guest on the program, everyone watching her!!! It is read in comments.

Some of the many other reactions refer to the trajectory of the interpreter of “Light without gravity“of whom many have been following her career since she was 8 years old, and are already anxiously awaiting her in “Welcome to Eden” they assure, while others think that “she has everything to succeed in Spain”

Spectacular and very funny. Extraordinary, she is happily doing the same thing again, read some other reactions to “Christian Nodal’s ex-fiancée”.

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To the cry of “Viva México”, Belinda interprets a Mexican song with feeling

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