Tyson’s ex-manager revealed the disturbing reason why Iron Mike lost one of his famous Bengal tigers

The former heavyweight champion baptized them Kenya, Storm and Boris (The Grosby Group)

Among the dozens of eccentricities in the life of Mike Tyson all three stand out bengal tigers that he had as pets at the time. A few years ago, the former heavyweight champion told on the podcast hotboxing that he used to sleep with them in his bed: “I was very dumb back then. There is no way to tame these cats one hundred percent, there is no way that will happen. They kill you by accident, it’s not that they try to do it, they do it by accident.

baptized them Kenya, Storm and Borisand the idea of ​​adopting them arose when the former boxer I was in prisonafter being declared guilty of sexual abuse against an 18-year-old girl whom he had met at a beauty pageant. “So it happened, I was in jail and I was talking to one of my friends who I bought exotic cars from. He was saying that a friend of his owed him money. And he said, ‘If you don’t pay me money, I’ll take some of these cars and trade them for some animals.’ I said, ‘What kind of animals?’ He said: ‘Horses and stuff. Mike, they also have some nice tigers and lions. If you had one of those, that would be great.’”

It was the starting point for another of Iron Mike’s historic quirks. “I said, ‘Why don’t you order me a pair? I’ll be out in a couple of months.’ So when I got out I came home and I had two puppies.”knew how to narrate in 2021. From then on, he lived different adventures with his curious pets, to which over time he came to add pumas and lions.

“Horsemeat. They also like chicken, so we gave them chicken and horse meat. They eat very slowly. They eat very slowly. They are not gluttons, they know it… they keep their weight, they eat just enough, ”he detailed about his diet. “The worst thing in the world was his damn gases. As they grow up they realize the punishment and they don’t do it anymore, ”he described one of the inconveniences caused by sleeping in the same bed with them. “As soon as they touch the pool, they defecate”, revealed another eschatological peculiarity.

But living with wild animals, which should not be in captivity, involves a risk inherent in the decision. Thus, different conflicts led him to get rid of his tigers. “One time, I was giving one of them a tetanus shot and he bit me. I was afraid, I was afraid. Six, seven stitches and it’s over. My dog ​​also bit me, ”she justified.

But other people around him also experienced disturbing circumstances with pets. Shelley Finkelformer manager of the boxer, told in statements to Sun Sports the reason why Tyson had to do without one of his tigers.

The tigers' diet was based on chicken and horse meat (Markson Sparks/Shutterstock)
The tigers’ diet was based on chicken and horse meat (Markson Sparks/Shutterstock)

“Mike’s property in Las Vegas was between two houses. On one side lived a businessman who had two dogs. Tyson decided to take a walk with one of the tigers, who saw one of the dogs and climbed the wall to eat it.”, he continued his narration.

“The man was looking out the window, watching a tiger jump over the wall to try to eat one of his dogs and Mike, meanwhile, was trying to push him down. In the end, he managed to get it out. At night he called me on the phone: ‘I have the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals here at home because I can’t keep cats in captivity. How do you think they found out? I replied: ‘How are they going to find out? Your neighbor saw one of them jump over the wall to eat his dog’. That’s my favorite story with Mike,” she concluded.

The dog in question had better luck. Kenya, whom she had as a partner for 16 years, in her last days of life “He ripped someone’s arm off”. “Someone jumped over the fence right where the tiger was and started playing with it. The animal did not know this woman and an ugly accident occurred. When I saw what the tiger did to his hand, I had a lot of money back then, so I gave her 250 thousand dollars because she was screwed“, hill.


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Tyson’s ex-manager revealed the disturbing reason why Iron Mike lost one of his famous Bengal tigers

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