Victoria Ruffo uncovered why she distanced herself from Verónica Castro

Victoria Ruffo spoke of the reasons that distanced her from Verónica Castro for several years (Photos: Instagram @victoriaruffo//Getty Images)

After seeing rumors circulate about an alleged feud between Veronica Castro Y Victoria Ruffothe Queen of soap operas explained what happened to her friendship with La Vero and confirmed that they have distanced themselves.

In the middle of the presentation of the second part of the telenovela Crown of tearsVictoria Ruffo was questioned about her relationship with Verónica Castro, as she shared a promotional melodrama on her Instagram account in support of her brother, The Guero Castro, and called “goddaughter” to your colleague.

Despite the fact that years ago they would have been great friends and that even Veronica would have been witness on the wedding de Ruffo with the governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, it was even said that they would currently maintain a rivalry, something that Victoria denied.

Veronica supported the pre-premiere of "Crown of Tears 2"which is why he wished the best for his "goddaughter"Victoria Ruffo (Photo: screenshot/Instagram)
Veronica supported the pre-premiere of “Corona de Lágrimas 2”, which is why she wished her “goddaughter”, Victoria Ruffo, the best (Photo: screenshot/Instagram)

“She is a woman that I have always admired a lot, recently I told Pato that I I would have liked to continue a friendship with herbut for x, y or z could not, but I admire her, I respect her a lot and she makes me a stupendous, marvelous woman, with a divine angel”

Victoria Ruffo commented to the press that this estrangement is not due to anything in particular, so he completely ruled out any conflict and assured that life simply took them by different ways.

“There is no reason, neither bad nor good, that is, it just always happens, right? The actors are suddenly very close for a season, the same thing I said about my children from ‘Corona’ (with tears), in ten years we have been in contact, but not daily, and that does not mean that we are fighting or that we do not get along”, added the protagonist of simply mary.

For her part, Veronica has not spoken of the distance she maintains with the "What in"(Photo: Twitter/@vrocastrooficial)
For her part, Veronica has not talked about the distance she maintains with the “Queen” (Photo: Twitter/@vrocastroficial)

The What in She also recalled that, at the time, she and Castro were close and celebrated different things together, but reiterated that their personal projects distanced them, but the mutual admiration endures.

“With Verónica the same, I did things, we had approaches at some point, he was at my bachelorette party, he was at my weddingbut finally each one has their things to do and their houses, and their reasons, then we can’t always be togetherI admire her much”

And it is that because at the time both were considered the favorite hertrionisas of the Mexican public, it was thought that the constant comparisons of their successes could have made them rivals, as well as the alleged rumor that at some point in their lives they kept a romance with the same gallants.

Jose Alberto The Guero Castro He was also questioned by the press about this distance that exists between his sister and the protagonist of his soap opera and assured that he was a witness that there is great affection between the two actresses.

I know that there is great love in them, and well, because in the times and the life of each one has not allowed them to be closer. I believe that the transmission of what Veronica sent today, Victoria’s message It is a very important token of affection. and that I also value and appreciate a lot, ”replied the producer.

The brother of Veronica Castro was also questioned about the possible projects that could return to The Vero to the small screen; However, he mentioned that the actress has not yet found the ideal character to return to television, although she continues to receive different proposals.


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Victoria Ruffo uncovered why she distanced herself from Verónica Castro

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