We analyze the photo of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva’s engagement to the millimeter: what this ad says (and what it doesn’t say)

It was sung: the courtship situation between
Tamara Falco and
Inigo Onieva it couldn’t go much longer. Things go too fast for a couple who are running late, especially if she wants to make her dream of
start a family. Biology is urgent but, above all, the pressure to resolve a relationship that has walked a tightrope from minute one must have weighed. The Marchioness, the
Netflix reality showadvanced the
wedding plans with the visit of the influencer to bridal shops.

One thing is certain: relationships follow a course that, in the case of
Tamara Falco, a practicing and traditional Catholic until the end of the nineteenth century, could only be one: church wedding and children. Not in vain the influencer is an activist for the
old fashioned marriage. This paragraph from their Instagram announcement of their engagement is revealing:

«Behind I leave worldly perfection for one that for me has much more value: Love. A union that we hope for
bless God with his light and that although it is not exempt from the cross, it is built on the trust and affection that we profess for one another». The mention of the light and the cross could not be more illustrious about what coexistence can mean for a couple.


The most important love stories of Tamara Falcó

Everything had to start, as it has, with the
engagement announcement, a step forward that the star influencers of the Spanish Instagram have been taking in recent years. In almost all cases (we dare not say all), the announcement of the future wedding has been produced with a consistent formula: photo with ring and romantic text.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, in an Instagram image of their engagement announcement.

In this sense, Tamara Falcó has not moved away from the original formulation. But, of course, Tamara being who she is, her message is imbued with the
Catholic view of married love. Clearly, this text is particularly important to Tamara. Perhaps more important than photography itself. However, the latter is much more suggestive. It has surprised us a lot.

The obvious has caught our attention: the photograph with which Tamara Falcó has announced her engagement and future wedding on Instagram is
the least aesthetic (we will not say the ugliest, since its meaning is beauty) of the entire profile of the influencer. Among dozens of photos millimetrically posed, with the perfect light, the most studied composition and the most flattering gesture, this last photo stands out as
the least attractive of all.

Why Tamara Falcó’s engagement announcement photo is so unattractive

Impossible to think that a photo of this caliber responds to the
happy spontaneity of the no less happy couple. How is an influencer with the power of Tamara not going to orchestrate a photo that will undoubtedly go viral? How is she going to care so much about her message of love and faith and disdain so much the photograph that accompanies it? Impossible at all.

Another clue about what was posed and studied at this moment, apparently photographed on the fly and without thinking: the gesture of the couple. Where other influencers propose a
very posed couple photo With a ring in front, a caramel smile and looks of absolute love, Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva propose a chaste closed-eyed kiss with their hands in front. What happened here?

It seems that Tamara Falcó has preferred not to apply the aesthetic filter of her usual advertising inns to
beautify photo of your engagement announcement, as if the perfect color, brightness and framing didn’t have the truth value that your ad needs. Somehow I’d be hacking the aesthetics of Instagram with a
BeReal moment: It happened like this and that’s how I show it to you, without filters or shaving or retouching. Life itself.

This need to
reinforce the truth of the scene with an aesthetic marked as ‘true’ cannot be overlooked, especially since the rest of the influencers have announced their commitments without feeling this need to underpin their truth, redoubling it. Nor the four times that in her message she writes Love, and with capital letters. It must not have been easy for Tamara to go ahead with a courtship that has not enjoyed much credibility.

Luckily for Tamara Falcó, none of us who think about her courtship have a certain idea about what really happens between her and Íñigo Onieva. No one but them can know the quality of their love. We can only watch
how do you express yourself in public, in this case, on Instagram. And to state the obvious: Tamara has published one of the most important Instagram posts of her life. Íñigo has replicated it in a ‘story’.

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We analyze the photo of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva’s engagement to the millimeter: what this ad says (and what it doesn’t say)

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