Well-known cucuteño influencer died while celebrating his son’s birthday

Gerson Carmona ‘Chiki madness’. Photo: Facebook

On the same day that his only son turned four, Gerson Carmona Gonzalezbetter known on social media as “Chiki Locos”, died of a heart attack.

The cucuteño influencer surprised the more than 262 thousand followers, he earned the affection and respect of users on digital platforms with his 1.10 centimeters in height.

According to information from his sister, Esther Carmona, Chiki had been taken to the emergency room due to health problems after a constant cough. The doctors indicated that it could be bronchitis, however, they discharged him with a medication.

Around 5:30 a.m. on June 19, Carmona was urgently referred by his relatives to the Puente Barco Basic Unit, because it was difficult for him to breathe and after an hour he received a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Carmona was 32 years old and lived in the Caño Limón neighborhood, in Commune 6 of Cúcuta. He was a short man, however, this was never an impediment to gaining the affection of his followers, on the contrary, they led him to success in social networks.

Three years ago he began creating content with the aim of entertaining people. Some of his most remembered phrases were: “Gunpowder” Y “what happened, stoner”. In 2020 he created his profile on Facebook, from there, the followers came together to see the jokes, jokes and humorous content that he prepared together with other local influencers.

Without knowing it, the pandemic became a great opportunity for him, because he started recording videos just when he did not have a job and many things were still closed due to the virus. His public loved him for his originality, he became tough in what he did, he was not ashamed to make fun of himself”, said a close friend.

In addition to his facet as an influencer, ‘chiki follies‘ also worked repairing cell phones and advertising. With this money that he collected thanks to the videos, Carmona supported his family and friends and they liked to give gifts to children at Christmas. The dream that the cucuteño had was to buy a house for his parents.

He had bought a piggy bank in which he put coins and bills every day to achieve the goal he had set for himself, he wanted to buy his parents a house”, affirmed his sentimental partner.

In the cemetery of the El Salado neighborhood, the funeral of ‘Chiki locos’ was held. People were in the place in a massive caravan, where friends and recording partners mourned the loss. With gunpowder, guaracha and songs.

For several months, the famous influencer JuanDa has worried his millions of followers about his inactivity on social networks. On TikTok, the content creator has not published anything since May 10, while on Instagram his last publication was on March 12, which is why his “comadres” -as he calls his followers- have manifested in networks asking for him.

In fact, in the last few hours, JuanDa’s name has become a trend on Twitter, where hundreds of users ask about the young man and send him messages hoping that he is well and that he will return soon to upload his funny content. “Where is JuanDa?” is the question that for now floods the profiles of other famous influencers who are friends with the Bogota native.


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Well-known cucuteño influencer died while celebrating his son’s birthday

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