What are the secrets of Victoria Beckham’s detox routine

The former Spice Girl, now a businesswoman and fashionista, victoria beckham does not save on expenses when it comes to taking care of yourself. To look perfect, invest in expensive treatments and routines. Meet the one he held this year in Italy in the exclusive Belle Époque building of the Merano Palace in the middle of the mountains in northern Italy ¡detox before your summer in London!

The spectacular Italian Palace where Victoria Beckham performed her detox routine. Source. fashion

Victoria Beckham’s luxury detox

The level of demand and perfectionism of the wife of the former soccer star is known David Beckham and what she is willing to do to look radiant. No expense is too little and for this reason it has been subjected to routines for several years detox in specialized medical centers.

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What are the secrets of Victoria Beckham’s detox routine

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