Who is Lele Pons, one of the most viewed influencers in the world

In a globalized world, in which have become a very important channel for communications, entertainment and others, figures such as They have gained a lot of notoriety, to the point of becoming very famous people who can live from all their activities in the digital world.

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The young natural She is one of those people who have become an influencer with a huge number of followers and interactions on such platforms, so many of her fans want to know more about her and be aware of each of her activities.

That is why, on this occasion, we are going to recapitulate some data from Lele Ponswhich can be found on the internet thanks to her social profiles and various interviews she has given to important media outlets since she became very famous thanks to her audiovisual content.

The popular influencer has more than 48 million followers on her personal Instagram account. (Photos: Lele Pons / Instagram)


His real name is Eleonora Pons Maronese and was born in Caracas, Venezuela on June 25, 1996. She is an influencer of social networks, but she is also considered a model, comedian, youtuber and singer because she has carried out all these activities since she started in the digital world.

Although he was born in Venezuela, he lived his entire life in because, when she was very young, her parents moved to Miami, although she never forgot her roots because on multiple occasions she has reiterated her pride in being from Latin America. However, she was recently in a controversy after .

He started on the Vine platform, where he recorded short comedy videos, which were very liked by the Latino and American population. Subsequently, she created a channel on YouTube, which also became successful.

With an entrenched success in social networks, he tried his luck as a singer and it has not gone badly at all because his video clips have millions of views on digital platforms.

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  • As a child she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  • Singer Chayanne is the father of his cousins ​​Isadora and Lorenzo.
  • She did not have many friends as a child and admitted that she was a victim of bullying.
  • When she grew up, Lele Pons found out that her father is gay and now they have a close relationship with him.
  • In 2017, she was recognized as the person who received the most views on her Instagram stories, surpassing celebrities such as Anitta and Neymar.
  • She currently has a romantic relationship with the singer Guaynaa.

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Who is Lele Pons, one of the most viewed influencers in the world

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