Who is Sylvia Córdoba, the ex-girlfriend that Judge Pedraz left by email and defends the most famous mafia thieves of the summer

a new one is born
law star, although we cannot say that its stellar presence has caught us totally by surprise. we met
Sylvia Cordoba as the young blonde bride of the judge
Santiago Pedraz, with whom he formed a refreshing couple on certain red carpets. The couple was pretty, but it seems that they were not happy enough. When she was already hearing the wedding bells ring, he abandoned her via email to start a relationship with a good friend of hers, the widowed Marchioness of Griñón,
Esther Dona.

Although the story of the breakup between Judge Pedraz (64 years old) and Sylvia Córdoba is juicy, reducing this woman to a sentimental anecdote would be unfair. A 42-year-old from Madrid, Córdoba has an impeccable twenty-year career as a lawyer specializing in criminal law and immigration. In fact, she directs her own office which, by advising on matters of political asylum and immigration and specializing in
international organized crimeserves its customers in six languages.

The scandal of his
break with judge Pedraz and the thunderous romance that began with Esther Doña (44) in the following line have been sobering for Sylvia Córdoba. Now that she must stand before the cameras on her own merits, she does so with amazing calm. She demonstrated it a few days ago, in the first appearance before the judge of the Cáceres court of two of her clients, the most mysterious and famous thieves of the summer.

Sylvia Córdoba, now a star lawyer, is in charge of the defense of Priscila Lara Guevara, a 29-year-old Mexican miss with a Swiss passport, and Constantin Gabriel Dimitru, the two
burglars that last October they stole 45 bottles of wine from the
Cáceres restaurant Atrio, valued at 1.6 million euros (in letter, more than three million). A few days after the robbery they left the country, so they could not be located until this summer, in Croatia.

In a film performance of her own office, lawyer Sylvia Córdoba argued before the cameras that the pair of thieves had been traveling throughout Europe but not to
escapebut “on vacation”. That it was precisely her, the defense attorney in this delicate case has worried the owners of the Atrio restaurant, one of the most luxurious in Spain. And not just because your business requires total discretion.

Sylvia Córdoba with the judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz, in the happy years of their courtship. /


«Sylvia Córdoba has an attitude of always being surrounded by cameras and appearing in the media and she is going to look for a lot of
media presence»., explained in a recent interview Paco Berciano, expert in collector’s wines and adviser to Atrio. Berciano thinks that the wines are unrecoverable and that the intellectual author of the theft will never be found.

“The police work on two lines: great collectors and people related to the world of the mafia,” says Berciano, who points out that crime has all the ingredients for a series. In fact, Sylvia Córdoba is specialized, since her doctorate, in international crime:
mafia. And she, without a doubt, is an empowered woman. In a recent interview in a national newspaper, she corrected the journalist when she called her ex of Judge Pedraz. “I’m not her ex, he’s my ex,” she said.

Why Sylvia Córdoba does not want to be presented as Judge Pedraz’s ex

It is the same defiant attitude that Sylvia Córdoba showed when publicly digesting the abandonment of Santiago Pedraz. Rather than shy away from cameras and journalists, she gave several interviews in which she admitted to feeling
humiliated for a break that he did not see coming: Pedraz and Córdoba shared friendship and dinners with Esther Doña and
Carlos Falcó, Marquis of Griñóncompletely normal.

After the breakup by email, however, Sylvia Córdoba called Santiago Pedraz “cowardly” for having assured that Esther Doña was not “her type, physically or intellectually.” And when reading that her Doña assured that his family was looking forward to seeing him happy, she put the last banderilla on him. “I do not like the
liars or lazy. It bothered me that he allowed her to make those statements.”

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Who is Sylvia Córdoba, the ex-girlfriend that Judge Pedraz left by email and defends the most famous mafia thieves of the summer

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