Who is “The Boss” of The House of Celebrities 2?


Find out who is “The Boss” inside The House of Celebrities

The House of the Famous 2 exposes to light the true coexistence of celebrities within the competition where they are being watched 24 hours a day by “La jefa”, that mysterious voice that brings order to the reality show.

The Boss Clarifies the Rules | The House of the Famous 2 | Telemundo EntertainmentOfficial video of Telemundo Entertainment. In the final stretch of La Casa de los Famosos 2, La Jefa reminds the inhabitants that there will only be one winner and that what is prohibited by regulation will be sanctioned. Visit our website: telemundo.com/shows/la-casa-de-los-famosos?cid=yt-lcdlf-s2 Watch the full episodes on our app: telemundo.app.link/LaCasadelosFamosos SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/TLMDEntretenimientoYT Home…2022-06-30T20:59:49Z

The house of the famous 2 has the participation of seventeen celebrities, who are living together in a single house with the desire to take the 200,000 dollars, but they are not alone, they have an omnipresent voice “The boss” who looks, listens and puts order and makes the rules are met to prevent a plot between the participants, but who does this mysterious voice?

Who does the voice of “The Boss” in The House of Celebrities 2?

film actress, Jessica Ortizis in charge of giving her voice “The boss” within the competition where we have been able to appreciate her unique voice in these two editions of La Casa de Los Famosos and she is so relentless that nothing escapes her and she is pending 24/7 of every movement of the inhabitants.

Jessica Ortiz is a Mexican dubbing actress. She is known for being the recurring voice of Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Michelle Monaghan and Anna Paquin in several of his films. She is known for playing Maud Pie in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Tauriel in two The Hobbit films and Wonder Woman in the DC Films Universe. Her dubbing career began in 1996, thanks to the fact that they set up a studio dubbing at the voice over agency where he worked. She is also the announcer for Disney Junior Latin America and is featured in the world of Mexican television as the voice of TV Azteca’s morning show, Venga la Alegría. She currently works as the official voice of La Casa de Los Famosos, being “The boss” of the program that monitors and makes all the inhabitants aware of the rules and announcements within the competition.

“The boss” inside The House of Celebrities 2

The role of “The boss” within the competition is to be aware of each movement of the inhabitants to avoid any type of conspiracy that breaks the rules of coexistence as well as how to notify, inform and warn the participants. In addition, her omnipotent voice sees and hears everything and she is there to pass sentence on the celebrities who try to survive inside the house and thus reach the grand finale.

The competition is getting stronger and this week we will discover who will be the next eliminated from the house, where a member of the purple team will come out and a decisive week will begin where only five inhabitants will have the joy of reaching the final.

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Who is “The Boss” of The House of Celebrities 2?

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