Who is who in the Turkish soap opera “Dear mother”

Who’s who in “”? The soap opera is one of the great novelties of in Spain and has an impressive story that has already captured the attention of its viewers. Although the fiction debuted on Turkish television on February 14, 2022, its recent in the European country it has made her acquire many more followers.

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For this reason, a large part of the spectators have wondered who are the faces and roles behind the Serie which, in its original broadcast, bears the title of “” and has Inci Gulen Oarr, Ruya Istanbul and Deniz Güney Isintek in the production.

Then, know who the actors are who bring these exciting characters to life in “Dear mother”.

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1. Erol Gedik as Murat Aslan

The actor is in charge of giving life to Murad Aslanthe father of Zeynep. He is a charismatic, handsome and talented businessman. He madly loves his family and is willing to give his life for the health of his daughter. When Zeynep turns 7, he trusts that a famous doctor will perform a successful operation on her. His life will change irrevocably after he meets Nazli, a young woman identical to his late wife Cemre.

2. Selin Sezgin as Cemre Aslan

selin sezginmeanwhile, gives life to cemre Aslan. She and her twin sister were, for her parents, the unfortunate fruit of a love of youth. After her mother died in childbirth, the little ones were separated and given up for adoption by her aunt Hatice. Since then, they have lived very differently. At 19, Cemre married her teenage sweetheart, Murat, with whom she had a daughter. Ever since the little girl was born, she has been waiting for her to reach the right age for the surgery that will change her life.

3. Selin Sezgin as Nazli Acar

The actress selin sezgin He has shown all his talent and also brings this character to life. Unlike her sister Cemre, Nazli was not so lucky, as she was adopted by a middle-class couple, Pakize and Halit. When she was 2 years old, her adoptive mother died and Halit married Sumbul, mother of a daughter, Oya. Her stepmother is a jealous and materialistic woman who, when Nazli came of age, tried to marry her off to Rustem, a man 20 years her senior. Halit objects to the engagement and asks Nazli to go to Hatice, who will explain who her real family is.

Selin Sezgin as Nazli Acar (Photo: Divinity)

4. Gece Işık Demiral as Zeynep Aslan

the little one Gece Işık Demiral plays Zeynep Aslan in this production. She is a member of a wealthy family from Istanbul. She is a child loved by her parents, Cemre and Murat. She was born with an atrial septal defect, so her family is very concerned about her and avoids giving her news that would change her condition completely. Despite her fragile health, she is a kind and generous little girl. One day, she accidentally falls into the pool and is rescued by a woman exactly like her mother.

5. Dilara Büyükbayraktar as Betul Yildrim

The actress Dilara Büyükbayraktar brings Betul Yildrim to life. She is the daughter of a friend of Asude’s and is obsessed with Murat. Therefore, she longs to marry him. When he became engaged to Cemre, she decided to leave the country to study in the UK, where she married the wealthy Tayfun. After Cemre’s death, she will devote all her energies to making Murat hate his beloved wife.

Dilara Büyübayraktar as Betul Yildrim (Photo: Divinity)
Dilara Büyübayraktar as Betul Yildrim (Photo: Divinity)

6. Metin Yıldırım as Adil Aksoy

Metin Yıldırım, meanwhile, is Adil Aksoy. He is Hatice’s husband and Nazli’s uncle. He is unaware that Cemre is also his niece. When she was young, her sister Salma ran away with a married man, she became pregnant and died in childbirth, leaving her twin daughters orphaned. Faced with his family’s refusal to take care of the girls, Adil, convinced by Hatice, offers the little ones up for adoption.

Metin Yildirim as Adil Aksoy (Photo: Divinity)
Metin Yildirim as Adil Aksoy (Photo: Divinity)

7. Founder Eskioglu as Hatice Aksoy

The actress Eskioglu cover plays Hatice Aksoy. She is Murat’s housekeeper and knows all of his secrets. After falling in love with Adil, she married him, but they were unable to have children due to his barrenness. However, her husband rejected the divorce. After the death of Salma’s sister-in-law, her husband Adil offered to take care of the twins. However, in the face of his refusal, he found suitable families to give them up for adoption.

Funda Eskioglu plays Hatice Aksoy (Photo: Divinity)
Funda Eskioglu plays Hatice Aksoy (Photo: Divinity)

8. Özlem Savas as Asude Aslan

Finally, Ozlem Savas It’s Asude Aslan. after marrying Muzaffer, a millionaire, she believed that her husband would introduce her to the elite in Istanbul. However, that never happened. This frustration caused her arrogance to grow and she hopes that one day her son Ella Murad will marry her. Betula young woman of the same social class.


“Dear Mother” tells the story of Zeynepa girl who suffers a heart attack when she learns that her mother has died in a car accident and that her father Murad Aslan will marry Betul. But your health will improve when you meet nazli, a woman with a strong resemblance to her mother. For this, Murat will propose to the woman that she pretend to be his deceased wife until the little girl undergoes a risky operation.


Turkish soap operaDear mother” premiered in divinity, Spain, on Monday, May 16 at 4:00 p.m. The production can be seen in the daily programming and as part of “A garden of stories”, the section that the Spanish channel has designed as a tribute to motherhood in May. It is also available in Mitele PLUS.

The soap opera premiered via Divinity (Photo: Stellar Yapim)
The soap opera premiered via Divinity (Photo: Stellar Yapim)

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Who is who in the Turkish soap opera “Dear mother”

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