Why Karol Sevilla thought to end her relationship with Emilio Osorio

Y They live a romance that they spread on social networks but about which they do not dare to speak in front of cameras. Or at least that was what they did. The Mexican actress was invited to the “Montse & Joe” program and there she broke her silence regarding the courtship she has with the son of the famous Niurka Marcos and the producer of Juan Osorio, and even dared to confess that he was about to break up their relationship.

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The 22-year-old interpreter has had an affair with the actor and singer, who is three years younger than her, since 2021. Both are caramelized in the stories and publications they share on their social networks and even in an interview last January, spoke of the future possibility of being parents.

“I think it will be, if God gives me permission, within six years. But the net from morro I have the illusion of being a dad, so yes. But it’s still missing, right now not yet”, he expressed on the channel

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The couple continuously exhibits their love on social networks (Photo: Emilio Osorio / Instagram)


During her talk on “Montse & Joe”, Montserrat Oliver probed the field by asking Karol Sevilla: “Why are you hanging out with Emilio?”and immediately Yolanda Andrade jokingly added: “Because he wants a telenovela with Juan Osorio”. Given the situation, the young singer laughed and had no choice but to respond to play along.

“No, not anymore”, She pointed out between laughs, and then in a more sincere tone, explained what she loved about her boyfriend: “I think that how original it is and how real it is; I mean, he’s not a child that for me says ‘oh, he’s the same as he behaves with people or with the media’ but he is… he has the light and he has something very real that I had never found in anyone, he is from those people that if you water it, they tell you, it goes straight to you and they don’t go roundabout”.

It was there that Monserrat asked him the usual question: “Why have you been about to send him to the scrubbing?”. “I? What did you tell them (looking at the camera as if Emilio were looking at her)? Why do you know so much?”, answered Karol surprised. “I think we both have a very big ego involved and we didn’t know how to differentiate it, so I think that was one of the points that before returning was what we talked about, it was that”he added.

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Karol Sevilla was not the only guest on that edition of the program hosted by Montserrat Oliver and Yolanda Andrade. The actress Paulina Goto was another of the guests, and to the good luck of Emilio Osorio’s girlfriend, since in a sequence the drivers did a kind of bullying to Karol for not knowing what a VHS is.

The show’s production team gave Sevilla a tray containing a VHS, a kind of cassette that had been in use since the late 1970s and was discontinued in the early 2000s. The surprised young woman asked what the object was, to which which Montserrat replied: “You do know what that is, no ma*s, how old are you? (…) and you don’t know what that is”.

Given the confusion of Paulina Goto came to her rescue and in a friendly tone told her that it was a video cassette and explained how it worked, but immediately the hosts made fun of it again: they told the young woman to go to another part of the studio to try the VHS so that live the experience.

In social networks, the followers of Seville harshly questioned the attitude of the presenters. “Wey, what’s wrong with not knowing it was a vhs?? there are people who are older than her and not everyone knows what it is”. “Those women always do that, they only treat who they want well”. “How badly they behaved, she is a guest, why do they decide to invite her if they will have those attitudes?”were some of the comments.

However, the one who was a judge in the reality show “Little Giants” (2019) has not ruled on the matter. Could it be that she has taken him on the friendly side?

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Why Karol Sevilla thought to end her relationship with Emilio Osorio

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