Why we are SO obsessed with the return of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

We live the era of nostalgia, which has even invaded those territories subscribed to the news. From the return of ‘Friends’ to the reboot of ‘Gossip Girl’, the pop culture has found in the past an oasis in which to rest the gaze and the memories to embrace a tranquility and security that, in turbulent moments like the one we live in, escape us.

It was precisely one of the protagonists of ‘Friends’, Jennifer Aniston, who became one of the victims of the culture of nostalgia when some images came to light in which the actress and Brad Pitt greeted each other in the backstage of the SAG Awards with affection. The question was not then why the world desired the return of one of Hollywood’s ‘power couples’But why did she want Jennifer to go back to someone who had been so publicly unfaithful to her. The answer lies in the fact that this return would have the triumph of second chances, a victory that is now celebrated in style with Jennifer, Lopez and Ben Affleck and their new opportunity.

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jlo y ben affleck

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One of the reasons why this return has shocked the networks is that every snapshot is meme meat, the communication tool of the digital age. As happened with Bradgelina, Bennifer It offers the public the comfort of being able to continue imagining the most intimate details of the relationship by having shared the screen, although in the case of Ben and JLo the film was so bad that it could not even be viewed as a cult B-series film.

jennifer lopez y ben affleck

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In the same way that once the love of couples ‘made in Hollywood’ such as those formed by Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy or Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor allowed us to approach their relationships through cinema, now we can do the same through social networks, with the difference that while couples of the past lived subject to a script that was disrupted with the arrival of celebrity culture, the one that made the paparazzi in charge of taking the reins and the tone of the narrative, now it is the celebrities who tell us their stories as they want.

That is why we love Bennifer, because we have mocked their stratagems and learned from the press about their story before they wanted to. Not only nostalgia has triumphed, but also our power of intrusion, something that in the era of networks, is a small victory for fans.

jennifer lopez y ben affleck

Jeff Kravitz

Another winner in this return that little is named is science, because as the psychiatrist Francesco Ferrari assures, it is a hormonal combination that is responsible for ex-partners wanting to come back. When after a break, dopamine, which generates addiction, and oxytocin, which produces a sense of connection, combine, we feel the need to recover that person who made us feel good. We know: if the couple has broken up, it will be because that “good” was not so good, but whoever has not had a hangover and has fallen into the trap of asking for a beer in case he fixes things should raise his hand …

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These types of couples (the Hollywood ones, not the beer and hangover ones) not only indicate that the second times sometimes work (footnote: let a few months pass before throwing grains of rice, for favor), but the classic that “opposites attract” is true in most Hollywood couples. From Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly to Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogar, pop culture is rife with examples of opposites falling in love and reaching their peak today with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

If the concept of “power couple” was invented by Hollywood studios to promote their films (the first was formed by the silent film actress Mary Pickford y Douglas Fairbanks, whose house was known in the press as Pickfair), today it works so that the members of the couples benefit thanks to new contracts, campaigns and digital actions.

mary pickford y douglas fairbanks and 1925

Mary Pickford y Douglas Fairbanks and 1925

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For the public and fans it is a soap opera that takes place in real life in which infidelities are aired and forgiven and in which we feel the known as schadenfreudeIn other words, the pleasure of seeing that even they are not doing well.

What motivates us is not that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in love again to the point that she wears a pendant that says Ben, a sign of nostalgia teen For his part (in which by the way, Ana de Armas also participated before) and he has kissed her buttocks on a yacht as in the video ‘Jenny from the Block’, but what this return says about us: that there is room for second chances and that even if things go wrong, there is hope that everything can go well.

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The happy ending of Hollywood we no longer believe it, but if it crosses the big screen, as much as we are ashamed to admit it, yes. And what the hell: if the love story has a JLo song as its soundtrack, it’s practically impossible not to.

ben affleck and jennifer lopez, first kiss since they resumed their relationship in 2021


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Why we are SO obsessed with the return of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck