Would Daniela Ospina and Gabriel Coronel be engaged? new ‘tracks’

Daniela Ospina and Gabriel Coronel are one of the most stable couples in entertainment. On numerous occasions they have mentioned that they want to start a family and complete their marriage.

The relationship began in October 2021 and they met in Miami, where they live, through a mutual friend. Since then they have shown their love on social networks, where they share moments of their life together.

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It was precisely because of an Instagram story that Internet users began to speculate that they would have been engaged. In some images, Daniela Ospina appears using a ring on one of her hands.

The entertainment program ‘I know everything’ published the rumors and announced that they will reach the altar. The video that most caught the attention of the followers was one that the couple uploaded to their social networks after an exercise session.

The ring is considered by many to be too luxurious for a casual workout wear. “Apparently, the businesswoman would have an engagement ring. Will they be planning marriage?” Wrote the entertainment page.

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Just a few weeks ago, the couple appeared on the cover of ‘Vea Magazine’ where they talked about their relationship, personal projects and future plans. It was in that publication where they revealed that they would be thinking of getting married.

On her Instagram account, Daniela Ospina frequently answers questions from her followers. She weeks ago she assured that she was not engaged but that she planned to do so.

When asked if she wanted to have more children, the ex-wife of James Rodríguez uploaded a photo of her daughter when she was newborn with the message “Yes, another little angel”.

The couple has not yet commented on the new rumors, but everything indicates that their relationship is on the right track. The two constantly share their travels and anecdotes with little nine-year-old Salomé.

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The couple was recently on a trip to Europe to visit David Ospina, Daniela’s brother.


Instagram: @daniela_ospina5

Who is Gabriel Colonel?

Daniela Ospina’s boyfriend is a 35-year-old Venezuelan actor and singer. He is remembered for his role in the teen series ‘Somos tú y yo’, where he worked in 2007, when he was 20 years old.

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Coronel has participated in other important productions in recent years such as ‘Queen of Hearts’ and ‘The Lord of the Skies’. Thanks to his performance, he has received some recognition as ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the Tu Mundo awards.

He has been working in the music industry since 2013. Last year he released his latest single ‘Modo airplane’, which has more than 290 thousand views on YouTube.

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Would Daniela Ospina and Gabriel Coronel be engaged? new ‘tracks’

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