Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA: the tattoos with which they sealed their love

Since a few months, Y They form one of the most recognized couples in international entertainment. After a long relationship between the singer of “Dictadura” and , this is one of the artist’s most notorious romances. Thus, each of the steps of the bride and groom attract the attention of the media. Therefore, after the musicians have highlighted the fact that both have matching tattoos.

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Next, learn more about this new detail of the controversial couple, who have decided to seal their love with some marks that are somewhat difficult to erase.


A couple of weeks ago, the controversial couple made up of Y caught the attention of his fans. This, because the Dominican artist decided to share the tattoo that her partner had done in her honor. Through a video broadcast on social networks, the singer’s new brand is observed. On the back of the performer’s neck, it reads “Georgina” written with a cursive typeface.

It is worth remembering that the original name of the Dominican artist is Georgina Guillermo Diaz, so the gesture is a clear tribute to their relationship and their beloved. It is for this reason that the interpreter was excited to show off the detail of her boyfriend.


After the tattoo of the singer of “Adicto”, it was the turn of yailin to show tribute to your partner. For this reason, the dancer also showed that she now has the word written “Immanuel” on his right forearm. Although the date on which the artist made the mark with the real name of Anuel AAon April 17, he shared a series of snapshots in which the tattoo can be seen from afar.

It was not until April 26 when the artist published another series of photographs on her official Twitter account. Instagram. In the snapshots, you can read clearly the name “Immanuel” on his right arm. The term now accompanies the other tattoos of the Dominican.


Social networks were quick to comment on the decision of the singer, who embodied her boyfriend’s name on her skin. Thus, very critical messages can be read in the artist’s original publication.

“Anuel’s name was tattooed, like the other, how ridiculous”; “Seriously does that tattoo say Emmanuel? This is too much”; “This ridiculous Emmanuel put on her arm, ha, ha, ha… mommy, don’t worry, they’re going to erase you from your neck too when they let go”, were some of the harsh comments the images received.

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As is known, the Dominican has other tattoos. On the same arm where the name of her boyfriend is, for example, you can read “Jorge” right on your wrist. She wanted to pay homage in this way to her father, who died as a victim of a traffic accident when Yailin The Most Viral I was 9 years old.

Also, the dancer has her entire left arm tattooed. The original design is a woman surrounded by flowers. Apparently she decided to have them spread across almost her entire limb.

The Dominican also has her mother’s name tattooed on her chest. “Wanda” You can read in this small acknowledgment of the artist to her mother, who brought her forward, along with her sister, after the death of her father.

The singer has her mother’s name tattooed on her chest (Photo: Yailin La Más Viral / Instagram)


The comparisons of the singer’s attitudes are constant Anuel AAin his current relationship, with those he had in his romance with the artist Carol G. Although it seems that he wants to turn the page, the truth is that it is inevitable to relate them. This, above all, taking into account the background of the reggaeton player. Thus, it is important to recognize that the musician had already had a famous tattoo dedicated to his former partner.

In a video that the artist posted on his social networks (and later deleted), you can see how he portrayed a photo on his back next to the “Bichota” singer. At the time, this action was highly commented on social networks, where netizens were amazed by the artist’s gesture.

Finally, after the breakup of the artists, the tattoo was removed. The fact can also be seen in an audiovisual broadcast through the social networks of followers of the urban singer.


The real name of the artist is Georgina Guillermo Diaz. She is a singer and dancer from the Dominican Republic, well known in her country. However, since her relationship with Anuel AAis where it has gained greater notoriety in the international market.

Currently, she is 21 years old and is recognized for themes such as “Milk Deposit” and “Leather”.

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Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA: the tattoos with which they sealed their love

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