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Yogi guru, predator ‘, the Netflix documentary that shows how sex cults operate

The sex sects They have gained greater strength with the emergence of spiritual gurus, coaches, therapists and even ‘healers’ in social networks. ‘Bikram: Yogi, guru, predator’, came to Netflix to show the reality of the man who made the discipline famous.

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El Bikram yoga, is a technique that consists of 26 poses demanding that are performed in a room at 40 degrees of temperature.

It was created by the Indian Bikram Choudhury, who was born in Calcutta in 1944 and settled in the USA in the 1970s.

Bikram became a billionaire due to the devotion of his followers, who in some cases were manipulated and abused sexually.

Bikram created an empire

The documentary published in 2019 shows the testimonies of some of the victims of the renowned instructor, who received students and even recognized figures such as Shirley MacLaine, Quincy Jones y Rachel Welch, while wearing a tiny black boxer shorts and a Rolex watch.

The Indian took advantage of their devotion to him to manipulate, violate and assault in a sexual way, while reaping an empire with his franchises.

With a black boxer shorts and a rolex, Bikram Choudhury, dictated his yoga classes and carried out his assaults. Photo: Netflix

In the United States he managed to open 650 locations and was awarded a fortune of 75 million dollars and 43 luxury cars.

The guru managed to be deified by offering the keys to happiness, health and transcendence, while he violated those who did his routines and forced them to comply with his whims, either falling into exhaustion and dehydration in his classes, or the sexual and verbal abuse.

Eva Orner, Australian director, was in charge of the biopic after receiving information that six criminal charges had been filed against Choudhury, of which four were resolved, before reaching trial.

The guru controlled the masses

Bikram he enveloped his clients with his stories of lies, caused them to faint and hurled insults in the middle of the manipulation.

For those who wanted to become teachers of Bikram they had to pay him 10 thousand dollars to be licensed and receive a nine-week course in luxurious hotels.

It was in these classes where the sexual assaults reported by some women occurred, according to the production of Netflix.

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