You can’t help but fall in love with “La Chule” when you see her look so radiant

Aracely Arambulaat 46 years old in the middle of the show, her talent and beauty remain in force in the hearts of the public and her most faithful followers, whom she dazzled with a white look.

Wearing a white dress that left much of her shoulders bare, the actress, Aracely Arambulacaptivated in one of the postcards that he shared from his Instagram account in which he accumulates 6.1 million subscribers in the application.

The remembered”Herald’s Face” is capable of putting everyone at her feet, since she is remembered in youth soap operas such as “Soñadoras” (1998-1999) or “Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma” (1995), Aracely Arambulacauses quite a stir in the various postcards that he stars in from the application.

Aracely Arámbula, wears a white dress with all the style. Photo: Capture Instagram

The “former Luis Miguel“and mother of two of her children, she has captivated everyone in any shade since in one way or another they highlight her qualities added to her beautiful green eyes that stand out in each of her sessions.

Currently, the “social media celebrity“, continues to win the hearts of millions of fans, who shower her with praise and compliments in each of her publications, where she mostly shares moments of what has been her long career.

Meanwhile, his virtual community eagerly awaits his “return” to the small screen since, in addition to recording “The Rebellion of the Wives“, the mother of Miguel and Daniel Gallego Arámbula could also star in another new production for Televisa.

Apparently, it would be the new adaptation of “La Madrastra”, the project that would return the interpreter of “Bad News” to the Las Estrellas channel, according to a strong version.

It should be remembered that the past production was headed in the past by Victoria Ruffo and César Évora, along with other outstanding participations.

Until now, the one born on March 6, 1975, has not confirmed anything about it, amid strong versions that indicated, it would be the role that would mark the return of Angélica Rivera to acting.

So we hope that the interpreter of “La Doña” (2016-2020) will provide some details very soon to her fans in the midst of the frequent content she shares as she is a very active user on social networks, where she stands out among the most popular with netizens.

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You can’t help but fall in love with “La Chule” when you see her look so radiant

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