Yrma Lydya had denounced her husband for violence: details of her marriage come to light

details about the marriage Yrma Lydya with her alleged killer, Jesús Hernández Alcocer, have been made public domain. Now, it transpired that the 21-year-old singer had denounced him for violence and that they had been married twice, since on one occasion they were divorced.

Two civil weddings, a divorce and an ongoing separation

According to information from the news portal La-Lista, Yrma Lydya Gamboa Jiménez and Jesús Hernández Alcocer were married on May 27, 2021, but they divorced four months later over the alleged violence that the singer suffered.

They got married for the second time in Novemberbut Yrma allegedly became a victim of physical, verbal and sexual violence.

According to the inquiries, the couple tried details about their separation when they began to argue and Hernández Alcocer shot him three times, twice in the chest and once in the head, a shot that would take his life.

Yrma Lydya denounced her husband for violence

The journalist Ariadna Lobo, from the La-Lista portal, had access to the investigation folder CI-FIAO/UAT-AO-4/UI-1S/D/02254/12-2021 that was opened on December 20, 2021 by the crime of family violence filed by Yrma Lydya against Jesús Hernández Alcocer.

As detailed in her statements, the singer suffered several episodes of violence. One of the most serious occurred on the night of December 19, 2021, when Hernández Alcocer began physically and verbally abusing her in a restaurant in Mexico City.

Lydya recounted that when she got home her husband spat on her, pointed a gun at her, hit her and he tried to drown her in the jacuzzi. According to the journalist’s report, the woman asked for help from the workers at her house, but her husband attacked her again.

“He pulls my hair from the back again and leads me to the side of the bed, takes a touch gun which puts me in the stomach and activates it and he starts to touch me, while he told me ‘I hope you die'”was confirmed in the statement.

According to her account, two workers did not agree to help her and she managed to run out of the house while Hernández Alcocer was chasing her, but he fell. Another member of her staff accompanied her to the Public Ministry of Álvaro Obregón to file the complaint for family violence, a file that was closed the next day when Yrma granted him forgivenessas explained in the article in La-Lista.

On another occasion, Jesús pointed a gun at him: “When he is next to the toilet (at his home), he takes out a gun that he always carries in his handbag, which he always carries, which he wields with his right hand and he puts the barrel of the gun to my forehead and tells me that he wants to kill meand then he takes it from me and hits me on the head with it,” says Yrma, according to the investigation folder.

The singer and dancer explained that she had not filed the complaint because he was making fun of it, since, as she presumed, she had contacts in the Court of Justice. “He told me that they were not going to listen to me since he is a very powerful person and He is friends with the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City and with various judges and magistrates,” said the deceased today.

Yrma Lydya also assured that Jesús Hernández Alcocer had a collection of weapons and knew where he kept them. She added that “feared for his life” well her husband “he was violent and vindictive”.

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Yrma Lydya had denounced her husband for violence: details of her marriage come to light

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