Yrma Lydya was recorded at home and was in arms: they reveal details of how she lived with her husband

Almost a week after assassination of Yrma Lydya Gamboa that has shocked Mexican society and beyond the borders of that country, new details come out that involve part of the mysteries of his private life.

The events occurred the night of last Thursday, June 23, inside the exclusive Suntory restaurant, located in Colonia del Valle. The subject and his escort were arrested. when they tried to run away.

Between microphones and weapons: this was supposedly the life of Yrma Lydya

The Mexican publicist Víctor Hugo Sánchez granted an interview this Tuesday, June 28, to the show ‘Me Lo Told Adela’ where he claimed to have been a representative of the deceased singer.

He said that he worked with her in two stages of her musical career: at the beginning as a singer, when she was still a minor, and then in the last month before she was murdered.

In the interview, Sánchez shed light on some of the mysteries that have surrounded the life of the also actress.

One of them was his age: he assured that yes he died aged 21after discrepancies and speculations about his true date of birth.

“He seemed like an arrogant guy”said about Jesús Hernández Alcocer, who has denied the crime, despite the fact that he is pointed out as the alleged culprit by several witnesses from the restaurant.

“Guaruras” (bodyguards) were at his house, high caliber weapons. It scared me,” Yrma Lydya Gamboa’s representative admitted.

“imposed on me”he added and confessed that his impressions were never told to the singer.

“I thought and assumed that had a marital relationshipthat she had chosen a person older than her,” she said.

He assured that, before him, Jesús Hernández Alcocer he introduced her as “my wife”. In addition, he mentioned that he got the impression that Yrma Lydya’s parents had a good relationship with her daughter’s husband.

In some media it has been speculated that María Jiménez, mother of the deceased artist, did not agree with that marriage.

“In January, I remember that Jesus’ phone rang and it was Yrma Lydya’s mother and she said ‘yes, mother-in-law, come and eat’. I said: ‘The parents must agree (with the marriage),'” he said the PR.

He also said that on one of the occasions he visited the young woman at her home, he asked her questions about her previous relationship with the radio businessman Carlos Quiñones Armendáriz.

According to Víctor Hugo Sánchez’s version, the singer did not want to talk to him about it at that time because there were allegedly “bugs” at his residence.

There would be a third involved in the murder of Yrma Lydya

This Tuesday the 28th it was also announced that there is a third suspect in the Yrma Lydya crime.

The newscast had access to the investigation and this subject, who is named Omar N, would be responsible for try to disappear the gun with which Jesús Hernández Alcocer allegedly took Yrma Lydya’s life.

According to N+, the pistol used is a 40 caliber, known as “The police kills it”, since it can go through bulletproof vests.

Last weekend, the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office secured a weapon with the characteristics of the one that was allegedly used in the singer’s crime, as confirmed by Omar García Harfuch, Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City.

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Yrma Lydya was recorded at home and was in arms: they reveal details of how she lived with her husband

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